CF Craftwood’s staffs are dedicated to crafting your quality living. Armed with the right skills and artistry, here are the services we offer:



We at CF Craftwood make sure that our furniture products are made with top-of-the line materials. Other than simple wood, we use special boards such as laminates, wood veneers, wood vinyl, melamine plyboards, formica, ribbon grain, narra plywood, and MDF boards.



CF Craftwood’s products are guaranteed durable. We make this happen with the right welding process. This is the fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials such as round and steel bars, flat iron bars, and different grades of stainless steel and uses high heat to melt the parts together. We also use fuel gases such as oxygen to weld and cut metal materials.



Upholstery involves paddings, seatings, cushions and many more.

We at Cf Craftwood mix style with comfort so we provide seats and beds that use special fabrics such as leatherette and soft fabric covers—all of which are ideal for interior and outside use.



Finishing refers to the process of refining a wooden surface for protection. It is the final step in crafting our quality furniture products. Here, we enhance the wood’s color and increase its resistance to moisture and other environmental agents that may affect the quality or durability of the wooden product.